Jim Mussen

Audio Archive:

Drums, Percussion,



Computer and Midi Consultation:

Alongside my work with electronic drums, I have extensive knowledge of general Mac and PC Midi Implementation, Software Integration, Hardware Support, and Home and Small-Office Networking Systems.

Let me know if you have any questions or need assistance dealing with the digital divide we live in today.
I would be glad to assess your needs to the best of my ability, regardless of your location or circumstances.


In addition to ongoing performing and recording projects, I am available for local and tour work.

Currently Accepting Students:

In my Midtown studio location I am equipped to record and teach drums, percussion, electronic drums, and midi concepts (Logic, ProTools, BFD, Battery, Ableton Live, Reason, Soft Synths, and Samplers, and more).

I use video and audio recording to assist in student development and self-awareness.

I teach both adults and children.

Performance and Recording Highlights:

Ashford and Simpson, Joan Osborne, Mary J. Blige, Mimi Goese, Ben Neill, K-ci and Jojo, Maxwell, Ofra Haza, D’Angelo, Mtume,

New York Undercover, BB King, Chaka Khan, Al Green, Lori Carson, Elliott Sharp, Bobby Previte, Wayne Horvitz, Medeski, Martin and Wood, Peter Gordon/Love of Life Orchestra, Yale Strom, Marc Wagnon, Sarah Pillow, Hod David, Sam Hollander, Fresh Kills Music, Cowboy BeBop, Akiko, Big Black Cat, Billy Porter, Louis Vega, Arty Skye, Morley, Brady Rymer, Frank Maya, Midnight Jones, Jon Catler, Dr. Nerve, Kristiana Levy, Axel Kroell, Gary Schreiner, Paul Shapiro, Dan Siegler, Suzi Shelton, Pop Rox, Zazu Pitts Orchestra, and others...

Film, TV, Theater:

New York Undercover, Cowboy Bebop, Jawbreaker, Jason's Lyric, Panther, Get On the Bus, The Outlaw's Wife, The Watermelon Woman, Mantra TV, BET, PBS, Greenbeet, Crushing, Skyeward, William “Electric” Black, Stephen Endelman, Steven Bernstein,  La Mama Theater, Playwright's Horizons, The Public Theater, Lincoln Center, BAM...

Production Coordination, Engineering, Programming, and Tech Work:

David Bowie, Mtume, Jon Lucien, Billy Porter, Ashford and Simpson, Gary Haase, Maxwell, Inter Arts Japan, Rittor Music,
Yoko Kanna, Bob Baldwin, Keith Robinson, Buckyball Records, Bowery Digital, Skyelab Sound, Aguilar Amplification...